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Welcome to Jay’s upholstery – a personalised professional upholstery service boasting 28 year’s experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
We offer an exceptional service in terms of customer care and use only the very highest quality materials.
By conducting an extremely thorough check of your furniture with rigorous attention to detail we can guarantee the longevity of the finished product.
We provide a huge range of choice in terms of fabrics and a personalised service to help you choose exactly which fabrics would suit your home and colour schemes. Our friendly and accommodating staff would be delighted to assist you with choices.
Certain fabrics are more suitable to a particular home in terms of wear and tear. For example in a family home with young children, or if the customer has pets, certain fabrics may be particularly resilient.
We can provide professional advice to support your choices in regards to which fabrics will suit your home in terms of wear and tear as well as style.


Why re-upholster instead of buying new furniture?


Like many other products old furniture is of a much higher quality than the mass produced cheaper products available today. Old furniture was made to last!
We offer a high quality product, which re-uses that high quality solid timber frame, while also creating furniture as good as new.
We design custom made, unique products no two are the same.
We thoroughly check the frame and springs, then replace the foam and fabric, thereby creating a totally new look and feel. This allows the customer to choose from a massive range of fabrics, reduces waste and results in a much higher quality product which is like new!
Call us today for a free quotation.